Lakeside Transport

Redefining The Future In Virtual Trucking

About Us

Lakeside Transport was established in 2015 to give people who are new to Euro Truck Simulator 2 or TruckersMP a taste of the VTC world and to prepare them for the universe ahead of them. We have an outstanding management team and a group of drivers who put all their ability into providing the best service possible. Whatsmore, we use the latest tracking technology and the greatest trucks to ensure a high quality, undamaged and successful delivery with time to spare.


We promise to give you a friendly and lively VTC that will make you feel at home. At Lakeside Transport, our drivers come first, so we have regular convoys/events to keep you interested. We have custom mods for singleplayer, state of the art tracking system, professionaly built drivers hub, driver meet ups through the week, and most of all, a fair system.

We, at Lakeside Transport, hope to live up to this promise, and willing to change any parts for the better.



You must be 16 and over to apply.

We believe that having a high age requirement pushes younger people away from the VTC community, so have chosen the age requirement to be 16, to give those of a mature age their chance.


You must have 100 hours minimum of total game time played.

We, at Lakeside, like our drivers to have prior driving experience within ETS2 and ATS before joining the VTC, this is so we know you can drive well in high populated areas.


You must be able to speak English.

All our staff and drivers speak English, therefore, you must too. This is so we are able to communicate to all our staff/drivers, and them understanding our messages.


Must have an official and legal version of ETS2/ATS.

We do not condone the actions of having illegal copies of ETS2 and ATS, therefore, we have banned anyone from joining Lakeside Transport, with fake/illegal copies.



Kickstart a successful and professional virtual trucking career with friendly, experienced and helpful staff today!